Etienne BURDET

M. Math., M. Phys., Ph.D. Robotics,  ETH-Zurich


National University of Singapore
COME: COntrol and MEchatronics Lab, 
Dept. of Mechanical & Production Eng., 
119260 Singapore
fax: +65-6779-1459

 3/99, Evanston (Illinois), a nice robotics lab

I am doing research in Robotics and Biomedical Engineering in collaboration with labs in Japan, Canada, Switzerland and USA. My main interest is in Human-machine Interaction.

My goal? To develop interfaces enabling humans to feel and (tele)operate in environments non-directly accessible to their senses (i.e. in the micro and nanoworlds), and robotic devices to assist humans in their actions rather than to replace them. I am also using robotic tools to investigate the neuro-mechanical control of the human arm.

If you are interested to take part to this research, if you have an idea of a mechatronic device or a human-machine interface, please contact me. It always is possible to find a solution for exceptional students and ideas. Open Positions




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