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AISM 2010 Program
Day 1: Wednesday December 15, 2010
09:30 AM Registration Desk Opens
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Welcome Reception + Lab Tours
12:00 PM - 13:30 PM Lunch
13:30 PM - 14:30 PM  Keynote
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
14:30 PM - 16:10 PM Modeling and Design Robotics
WP1-A-1    (Paper -id  : 186)
Design of Safe Joint Module for Safe Robot Arm based on Passive and Active Compliance Methods
Hwi-Su Kim, In-Moon Kim, Jae-Bok Song


WP1-B-1    (Paper -id  : 165)
Towel Mark Recognition System for Washing Cloth Handling System
Seiji Hata, Tatsuya Hojoh, Jun'ichiro Hayashi, Toshihiro Hamada, Hirotaka Hojoh
WP1-A-2    (Paper -id  : 154)
A Further Step toward System  Autonomy and Intelligence
Michel Cotsaftis
WP1-B-2    (Paper -id  : 131)
Generalized Taylor Series Expansion for Contour Error Compensation
Feng Huo, Aun-Neow Poo
WP1-A-3    (Paper -id  : 158)
Neural Networks Based System Identification for an Unmanned Helicopter System
Syariful Syafiq Shamsudin
WP1-B-3    (Paper -id  : 134)
Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning Using Color Information for a Biped Robot Equipped with a Stereo Camera System
Masaaki kitaoka, Atsushi Yamashita and Toru Kaneko
WP1-A-4    (Paper -id  : 160)
Learning user preferences for top-k querying - improving learning of the higher ranked objects
Peter Vojtas, Alan Eckhardt
WP1-B-4    (Paper -id  : 150)
Proposal of Dust Sensor for Cleaner Robot System Using Laser Scattering

Takuya Asano
WP1-A-5    (Paper -id  : 183)
System Identification for AC Servo Motor and Dynamometer using ARX model and NNARX model
Sarun Umpavan, Seelawat Chankaew, Waree Kongprawechnon
WP1-B-5    (Paper -id  : 254)
Warehouse Inventory Automation using an RFID Scanner Robot

Yongtae Do, Minhyuk Son
16:10 PM – 16:40 PM Tea Break
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
16:40 PM – 18:00 PM Modeling and Control Machine Vision, Image Processing, and Sensing
WP2-A-1    (Paper -id  : 98)
A Caution Cognition for Driving Control in Steer-by-Wire Based Tractor-Trailer Vehicle System
Yuki Katayama and Toshiyuki Murakami
WP2-B-1    (Paper -id  : 181)
Communication Robot Based on the Image Processing and Voice Recognition
Noriyuki kawarazaki
WP2-A-2    (Paper -id  : 84)
Virtual Force Field Based Force-Feedback of Road Condition for Driving Assistant Design in Electric Vehicle.
WP2-B-2    (Paper -id  : 193)
Simulation of Confocal Microscopy with Structured Illumination and Signal Evaluation
Philipp Heidingsfelder
WP2-A-3    (Paper -id  : 86)
Study on the Dynamic Characters of A PWA Subject to Harsh Environment
J.F. Ren
WP2-B-3    (Paper -id  : 143)
Real-time human tracking in stereoscopic environments using subtraction stereo
Kenji Terabayashi
WP2-A-4    (Paper -id  : 94)
Deformed Model Analyses of Slot Array Antenna
Fei Zheng
WP2-B-4    (Paper -id  : 235)
Misalignment-Robust Facial Expression Recognition
Haibin Yan, Marcelo H. Ang Jr, Aun Neow Poo
Day 2: Thursday December 16, 2010
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM Breakfast  
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
09:30 AM - 11:10 AM Sensing and Control 1 Modeling
TA1-A-1    (Paper -id  : 202)
Three Dimensional Attitude Control of an Underactuated Satellite with Thrusters
Yasuhiro Yoshimura, Shinji Hokamoto, Takashi Matsuno
TA1-B-1    (Paper -id  : 104)
Study of the influence mechanism of mechanical structure factors on unloaded Q value of resonant cavity
Changwu xiong, Yong Wang, Gangying Feng and Lintao He
TA1-A-2    (Paper -id  : 153)
Control of Plant Growth by Electrostatic Field
Hiroyuki Abe
TA1-B-2    (Paper -id  : 192)
Modeling and Validation of a Single-Cell PEMFC
Chaiwat Pumchat
TA1-A-3    (Paper -id  : 167)
Wearable Pneumatic Control Valves Driven by Small Power
Shujiro Dohta, Tetsuya Akagi, Hirofumi Ueda
TA1-B-3    (Paper -id  : 222)
Petri Net Based Modeling and Distributed Implementation of Robotic Manufacturing Systems
Gen'ichi Yasuda
TA1-A-4    (Paper -id  : 168)
Development of Flexible Sensors for Measuring Human Motion and Displacement of Novel Flexible Pneumatic Actuator
Tetsuya Akagi, Shujiro Dohta, Hiroaki Kuno, Akimasa Fukuhara
TA1-B-4    (Paper -id  : 238)
Examination of robots simulation using LEGO MINDSTORMS
Keiichi Shimamura
TA1-A-5    (Paper -id  : 169)
Development and Attitude Control of Flexible Robot Arm with Simple Structure Using Flexible Pneumatic Cylinders
Takahiro Fujikawa, Shujiro Dohta, Tetsuya Akagi, Feifei Zhao
TA1-B-5    (Paper -id  : 230)
Lightweight Electromechanical Tool Changer with Integrated Power and Signal Interfaces for Service Robot Applications
David Gyimothy, Andras Toth, Richard Wohlfart, Mihaly Jurak
11:10 AM - 11:20 AM Tea Break
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
11:20 AM - 12:40 PM Medical Mechatronics Micro-and Nano-Mechatronics
TA2-A-1    (Paper -id  : 243)
Dynamics of Quiet Standing - Human and Robotic Sensory Systems to Compensate Delay Effects
Gabor Stepan, Tamas Insperger
TA2-B-1    (Paper -id  : 78)
Design of MEMS Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna Array Based on High Resistivity Silicon Substrate
Jinghui wei, xiaoming liu and zhonggan zhu
TA2-A-2    (Paper -id  : 159)
Evaluation of Patient Exercise for Motion Advice by Rehabilitation Instruction Robot
kazuyoshi Yoshino
TA2-B-2    (Paper -id  : 209)
Development of micro hardness and stiffness testing systems by micro robot for bio materials
Montree Pakkratoke
TA2-A-3    (Paper -id  : 211)
Evolution of a Manipulator Model Using Linear Graphs and Genetic Algorithms
Ahmad Suryo Arifin
TA2-B-3    (Paper -id  : 224)
Tele-operated Nano-Manipulation in Liquid Environment with AFM
Soliman esmaeilzadehha
TA2-A-4    (Paper -id  : 229)
Geometric Analysis and Modelling of Microfluidic Contact Angles for Design and Manufacturing of Micro Bio-Device
Yuan-Shin Lee
TA2-B-4    (Paper -id  : 197)
Drop-on-Demand Printer for  Micro Ion-Selective Electrode Fabrication
Mana Saedan
12:40 PM – 13:50 PM Lunch
13:50 PM -15:50 PM Panel Discussion: Some Important Future Directions in Mechatronics R&D (Venue: Engineering Auditorium)
15:50 PM – 16:20 PM Tea Break
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
16:20 PM - 18:00 PM Sensing, Actuation and Control Control of Electro-Mechanical Systems
TP2-A-1    (Paper -id  : 182)
Swing-Up Fuzzy Controller and Adaptive State Controller for Inverted Pendulum on Cart System
Phuchong Kheawchaoom, Waree Kongprawechnon
TP2-B-1    (Paper -id  : 180)
SCARA Robot Locomotion Control by Two-Degree-of-Freedom Simple Servo Adaptive Controller
Taworn Benjanarasuth
TP2-A-2    (Paper -id  : 187)
A novel approach in instantaneous orientation sensing of spherical actuator
Chee Kian Lim, I-Ming Chen, Liang Yan, Zhiqiang Luo, Chao Bi 
TP2-B-2    (Paper -id  : 146)
Fuzzy I-PD Controller for Two-Inertia Systems
Suriya Dadpant, Taworn Benjanarasuth, Jongkol Ngamwiwit, Noriyuki Komine, Songmoung Nundrakwang
TP2-A-3    (Paper -id  : 191)
A Drive Unit Actuated by SMA Springs under Temperature Control to Operate a Powered Glove
Shunji Moromugi, Tsunaki Ikeda, Yukiharu Yoshimi, Kazuhiro Kitamura, Takakazu Ishimatsu
TP2-B-3    (Paper -id  : 147)
A Cooperative Integral Resonant Control and Integral Control for Two-Inertia Systems
Akenarong Jaiyong, Taworn Benjanarasuth
TP2-A-4    (Paper -id  : 244)
Design & Development of a Self Balancing Bicycle Robot
Yuan Lam Pom
TP2-B-4    (Paper -id  : 148)
Simplified Design of CDM Controllers for Speed Control  of Two-Inertia Systems
Pantanee Boonyoung, Taworn Benjanarasuth
TP2-A-5    (Paper -id  : 221)
Measuring of Number-of-Chewing Using Flexible Capacitive Sensor
Takakazu ishimatsu
TP2-B-5    (Paper -id  : 175)
Performance Measurement of Dynamic Characteristic in Motor of Electric Motorcycle
Satoshi Tamura
Day 3: Friday December 17, 2010
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM Breakfast  
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
09:30 AM - 11:10 AM Sensing and Control 2  
FA1-A-1   (Paper -id  : 152)
Bilateral Grasping Control with Multiple-Master/Single-Slave System
Nobuhiro Iwase
FA1-A-2  (Paper -id  : 208)
Hand Waving Recognition System Using Skin Detection Method by Near-IR Light
Mariko Takeuchi, Kunihito Kato, Kazuhiko Yamamoto
FA1-A-3   (Paper -id  : 215)
Comparing of  PSO,AFSA and hybrid PSO_AFSA methods for optimization of fuzzy logic controller of DC motor
Hamed Khoshravan, Ahmad Naebi
FA1-A-4   (Paper -id  : 226)
Optimizing Ping-Pong Player Robot Arm Path Based on PSO Algorithm with new initializing method
Hamed Khoshravan, Ahmad Naebi
FA1-A-5  (Paper -id  : 231)
A Simple Switching Control Structure for Improving the Steady-State Error of a Full-Digital Water-Hydraulic Cylinder Position Control
Jyh-Chyang Renn
11:10 AM - 11:20 AM Tea Break
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
11:20 AM - 12:40 PM Sensing and Control 2  
FA2-A-1    (Paper -id  : 91)
Implementation of a Vision-based Intelligent System in an open architecture controlled machine tool
Surya Prabha Upadhyayula, Rishita Allika, Ramesh Ramakrishnan and Poo Aun Neow
FA2-A-2    (Paper -id  : 93)
Multi-field Coupled Analysis of Gound Reflector Antennas Under Clear-day Solar Radiation
Daren Xu, Fei Zheng and Peng Li
FA2-A-3    (Paper -id  : 97)
Driving Support Control by Force Feedback Communication for Steer-By-Wire System
Yoshihide Igari and Toshiyuki Murakami
FA2-A-4    (Paper -id  : 83)
Deployment Analysis and Control of Deployable Space Antenna
Tuanjie Li
  12:40 PM – 13:50 PM Lunch    
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
13:50 PM - 15:50 PM Manufacturing and Automation 1  
FP1-A-1    (Paper -id  : 99)
On-line Assessment of Drill Wear Using Neuro-fuzzy Systems
Tien-I Liu
FP1-A-2    (Paper -id  : 100)
Ink Droplet Position Compensation Based on Extended State Observer
Zhao Xiaoyang
FP1-A-3    (Paper -id  : 137)
Development of the automated burning process
Takehiro Fukui and Okitoshi Tsunoda
FP1-A-4    (Paper -id  : 142)
Robust Motion Control in Mechanical System with Passivity
Shigeru shirouchi
FP1-A-5    (Paper -id  : 151)
Experiment Research of Wire-Driven Parallel Mechanism based on Full Workspace
Zhiping chen, Jian Sang, Juyong Zhang, Rui Liu
FP1-A-6    (Paper -id  : 144)
Simple technique for evaluating for the finish of surface of through-holes using laser diffraction in the shadow region
Akihiro Kanamaru, Yuji Yoshino, Kazuyoshi Yoshino, Norikane Kanai
15:50 PM - 16:20 PM Tea Break
Time / Venue Engineering Auditorium EA-02-11
16:20 PM - 18:00 PM Manufacturing and Automation 2 Automation
FP2-A-1    (Paper -id  : 149)
Image Detection of Seam Line for Laser Welding Robot
Akihiko Matsushita, Takafumi Morishita, Shun'ichi Kaneko, Hitoshi Ohfuji, Kaoru Fukuda
FP2-B-1    (Paper -id  : 156)
Manually Guided Robot Manipulator in a Constraint Condition with Small Contact Force
Chanhun Park
FP2-A-2    (Paper -id  : 170)
Kinematic Error Models between Milling Spindle and Bottom Turret on Turning-Milling Complex Center
Chun Xie, Weimin Zhang
FP2-B-2    (Paper -id  : 111)
The Research of Flexible Electric Conducting Sealing System
Jifeng Gu
FP2-A-3    (Paper -id  : 176)
Design Optimization of a Green Environment Liner-less Thermal Head Printer using Genetic Programming and Linear Graphs
yinquan yu, C.W.De Silva, kok kiong Tan, Aun Neow Poo
FP2-B-3    (Paper -id  : 109)
Research on Collaborative Simulation Technology of Mechanical Electronic Hydraulic System for Radar Bionic Power Device
Guopeng peng
FP2-A-4    (Paper -id  : 178)
Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot by means of the Sound Source Direction Localization for Specific Sound Source
Akihiro Kaneshige, Yasuhiro Yamashita, Satoshi Ueki
FP2-B-4    (Paper -id  : 95)
Study on the Feeds Phase Centre of Distorted Reflector
Liwei song
FP2-A-5    (Paper -id  : 184)
The Embedded Control System of the Bath Room Odor Free Ventilation System
Hsi-chuan Huang, Chun-Hsien Yang, Ming-Long Wu
19:00 PM - 22:00 PM Banquet and Farewell Party  
Day 4: Saturday December 18, 2010
09:30 AM - 12:30 PM Social Tours  

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