• 10/17: Our paper, entitled "The Concept of Stimuli-Induced Equilibrium Point and Its Application in Ramp-Merging Control", was accepted for publication as a regular paper in the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • 08/17: Our paper, entitled "Motion Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulator in Task Space”, was accepted for publication by Asian Journal of Control.
  • 08/17: Our paper, entitled “An Electromagnetic System for Inducing a Localized Force Gradient in an ECM and its Influence on HMVECs Sprouting”, was accepted for publication by SLAS Technology (formerly Journal of Laboratory Automation).
  • 08/17: Hian Hian joined our group as a Research Engineer. Welcome back!
  • 08/17: Our paper entitled “Stimuli-Induced Equilibrium Point: A Psychological Field Theory Application in Ramp Merging Control Systems” has been accepted for presentation at the 17th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2017), October 18~21, 2017, Jeju, Korea.


We engage in the research and development of methods and their applications in the areas of microsystems and robotics. Our research focuses on mechanical manipulation of physical and biological systems at micro to macro scale, with the aim of producing practical and innovative engineering solutions.

We actively seek opportunities for collaboration with peers and with industry. If our methods and technologies are useful for your R & D work, we invite you to get in touch with us. For prospective students (at all levels) who aspire to specialize in microsystem engineering and robotics, we welcome you to join us.



Peter C. Y. Chen                                             Associate Professor                                       Department of Mechanical Engineering











Latest Projects

ARMCON: An Assistive Ramp-Merging Control System for Dense Traffic Management




A Transformative Polymer-based Heat Exchanger with a Modular Multi-Core System of Curved Microfluidic Channels Utilizing the Inherent Unique Dynamics of Dean Vortices (THERMIC)




Automatic eyelet workpiece welding using mobile manipulator